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Dirje Childs from Austin, TX
Must say I was overwhelmed by the love, warmth and care surrounding our wonderful experience as artists for this series! Everything from the kind Chapmans and their beautiful home with the perfect sound system, to the fabulous spread of food, to the open-hearted attendees--everything created a lovely space for us to share our hearts. I am so honored to be a part of John's music family. John, we love and so appreciate your heartful presence and this concert series is a gem! Thank you so much, Love, Dirje
Tom Prasada-Rao from Baltimore, MD
There are not many people I love and respect more than John. My brother - thank you for your faith, for your generosity, and for the space you created here! I am grateful for your house concert series, and I am even more grateful for you! Love always - TPR
Don Henry from Nashville, TN
John loves songwriters and singers of all kinds of kinds. No. I mean TRULY loves them. He understands the hours (and mileage) we put into our work. He hosts shows that audiences love and performers love to play. His generosity, respect, warmth and good nature set a tone for the entire evening. John – I can’t thank you enough for your support in keeping our music alive. With much gratitude, sincerity, and brotherly love, Your fan, Don Henry
Seth Glier from Shelburne, MA
It was the most fun I think I've EVER had on a Monday. John is as pro as it gets. He knows how to make you feel welcome and also give you space you need to get into your artistic self to really make an evening memorable. The sound is top notch and BBQ brisket to die for. I can't wait to come back! xoxox Seth
Victoria Vox from Baltimore, MD
I really appreciated the invite to open for Seth Glier while I was in the area! What a fun evening with a great audience (and cheese plate!). Seth was fantastic as ever - so wonderful to see him after a few years of traveling... John is such an excellent host and knows how to do it right. Thank you! 😉 xo victoria