There is no doubt that music adds more meaning, emotion and depth to our everyday existence.  We believe music is best experienced live, performed by independent singer-songwriters or small groups, who write, play and sing… not for the money or accolades, but for the pure love of the song.  We also believe that house concerts are the most intimate way to experience live music, in a small setting, where the audience is there to really listen. A chance to hear a song the way it was meant to be heard and the opportunity to meet and interact with the artist/s. And you still get home at a decent hour… what’s not to like.  We hope you will join us soon.


An “intimate musical experience” held in the private space of a home, where the air is filled with a singer’s voice and a musician’s instrument.  You are up close and personal… surrounded by the music.  There is always a “meet and greet” with the artist… and hearing the back story of the songs, makes you appreciate the songwriting process even more.