John M Cook is the concert host/presenter/booker.  Dave Corbin is the booking consultant. The Songwriter Series is a non-profit, private event, concert series created to introduce independent singer-songwriters, to an attentive audience, in an intimate setting.  My purpose is to contribute to the greater good in two ways… bringing the community together to enjoy music in an intimate environment… and helping independent artist be able to make a living, even though often minimal while doing what they love.

The music business has changed.  A decade ago, monetizing music was still mostly about CD sales and publishing royalties. The formats have changed, of course, and we’ve seen the dominant trend shift from CD sales to MP3 downloads to streaming (via services like YouTube and Spotify).  This, along with music pirating means the artist is working harder and making less than ever. Unless you are a huge name… there is no record deal.  That means artists are their own label and must do all the work that involves… being their own agent… doing their own marketing, etc. House concerts have become the lifeblood of many artists.  There’s something about playing in someone’s home that fosters a deeper connection than a public venue can – both between the artist and the audience and between audience members themselves.

100% of the proceeds from donations and merchandise sales go directly to the artists.

These concerts are a wonderful way to enjoy hearing great musicians-singers-songwriters create superb live music, featuring the full rich sound of acoustic instruments and crisp, clear vocals.

Our shows are focused on the genres of Singer-Songwriter, Appalachian, Americana, Blues, Bluegrass, Celtic, Cajun, Global Roots, and Indigenous.

I have heard all of the featured artists, in traditional listening environments, at Folk Alliance International and Regional Conferences and at various music festivals across the United States and Canada. I am certain they will present performances that you will not only enjoy… but not soon forget.