My comments about Jeffrey Foucault are few, simple and to the point.

The man is a brilliant songwriter … his songs are literate, honest, vulnerable and unadorned. He is an accomplished player … competent and confident enough to play on a Sears Silvertone electric guitar plugged to a 5-watt Skylark amp. He is a solid vocalist … emotive, intimate, wary, gentle, tender, somber and a little haunted. He is a no-frills per­former … there to tell stories through song, to bring you into worlds you have never known but immediately feel com­fortable in. He knows the value of melody and a strong hook. What he delivers is Americana at its best .. pure, stark, deeply poetic, with a dab of folk, blues, country and rock. His music will make you lean in and listen.

He is rarely seen and heard without the accompaniment of percussionist Billy Conway who plays a kick drum made from a suitcase, a snare drum and a low-boy cymbal. With full band, he surrounds himself with extremely talented folks … electric guitar player Bo Ramsey, bassist Jeremy Moses Curtis, and background vocalist Caitlin Canty.

His own comments about himself are as honest as one can be.

“I take the small roads when I can. I hit the small rooms. I write songs about love, memory, God, desire, wilderness and loss. I grew up in Wisconsin. School was a drag, and I mostly drew pictures. When I was 111 bought a cassette copy of Little Richard’s Greatest Hits. At 171 learned to play all the songs on John Prine’s 1971 debut in my room with the door locked and subway posters of British New Wave bands looking morbidly on. At 19 I stole a copy of Townes Van Zandt’s ‘Live & Obscure’. At 241 made a record and start traveling around the country. I have two older brothers. They don’t sing but they both fish. I live out in New England now in a little town with a river through the middle. I can’t get home without crossing good water and it fairly makes up for living east, which isn’t in my blood. We have a chicken coop and a little barn and an old car that runs. I like to listen to records real loud when I do the dishes, and I do most of the dishes.”

The video below is of Slow Talker (recorded live at Stoughton Opera House)